Wafels & Dinges

wafel On late night after having German beer and curry wurst and an underground bar with a $10(I think) cover, my friends and I stumbled out into the cold January night in the West Village. As we were trying to navigate through the confusing (I hate West Village) streets for the subway, I noticed a bright yellow/orange truck with a chalk board next to it that said “Belgian Waffles!”. *GASP..!! No way!! I had to get one! I got a Brussels wafel with nutella. The wafel/waffle was warm and chewy nicely crisp on the sides. The nutella is just THE perfect companion to the wafel. Something about standing in the cold in front of a truck for you food then snuggled up at a street corner with your friends eating something that we all agreed, had hit the spot. Then of course the first thing I did when I got home was to find any sort of info about this wafel truck. TADA!! Thanks to the internet I knew when and where the wafel truck will be.

Recently I noticed the wafel truck being TWO avenues from me on Saturdays. So on a sunny Saturday I ventured out to get me a wafel. This time I got the Belgian chocolate fudge instead of nutella. I noticed this time, it took the guy quicker than last time. The wafel was good but………it wasn’t as chewy as the first. The first will always be the best. I think he turned the wafel iron to its highest setting hence the shortened time and the dryness. Oh well I will still go back, back to nutella.

Wafel & Dinges locate the truck now!

– Posted by Donny


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