Au Revoir Provence

According to this article in the NY Times, the restaurant Provence in SoHo will be closing on Saturday. I had a very good dinner there in December of 2005. I hadn’t (and still haven’t) been to many fancy French restaurants, but my boss at the time had given me a free Giftybox, which gave me $70 to spend at one of a few restaurants, and I invited a friend of mine to join me at Provence to redeem it. Since we had the Giftybox, we went all out and ordered a bunch of food and wine.

The food was all good, and for the vegetarian main course they had the standard risotto, which was fine but not amazing (I’m still not sure why French restaurants feature risotto as the vegetarian option, but that’s another story). I also had a pretty good soupe au pistou, which is basically a vegetable soup with a dollop of pesto on top. The real standouts for me were the charred artichokes with goat cheese and the blanc mange dessert (pictured). Even more impressive was the wine, an excellent Château l’Isolette (I made a point at the time of writing down the name of the wine, that’s how much I liked it). The whole experience was one of the first introductions I had to great food and wine, and I’ll never forget it.

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