Yeah that’s a bowl of bacon and spinach and nothing else.

What’s not to love about izakaya?! Beer, small plates, good food, yakitori, chicken skin!!, pork belly, sake, noisy, usually quite small and hidden, and just makes me feel I’m in Japan sorta. Though I do hate the long wait seriously I got to Hagi at 6:10pm and it was already PACKED!!! Do people not work?

Hagi is situated JUST outside of Times Square between and underneath couple other Japanese restaurants. Here’s a tip, once you get down look for the clipboard and write your name down. Don’t wait to get a person and tell them, dinner for 2 please they will probably just tell you to write your own name down on the clipboard.

SO LET’S GO!! The main reason why my friend and I went to Hagi, besides the fact that it’s her favorite izakaya, was for their soft shell crab. Once we sat down we I looked through the menu twice, there’s just so many items and I wanted to order all of them. We ended up ordering 2 soft shell crabs, assorted pickles, bacon salad, bacon wrapped asparagus, saute pork and cabbage and yellowtail sashimi special.
The plate of yellowtail sashimi was so good! Very fresh and clean and good sized pieces served with slices of radish and sprouts. The bacon salad, that was a monster. Would never imagine a bacon salad to just be a bowl of spinach and bacon served with a wedge of lemon. It was good but definitely not something 2 people should eat. There were loads of oil at the bottom of the bowl too. The plate of saute pork and cabbage was huge also, ended up taking it home, and a little spicy. By the time the bacon wrapped asparagus I was a little tired of bacon but I ate it anyways. Then came the 2 soft shell crabs served with a dipping sauce and pieces of scallions. *CRUNCH!! Oh sooooooo good. Lightly battered and fried, good plump crab and didn’t have to share! Another good place to have soft shell crab is at Furaibo in LA, along with the dipping sauce and scallion it also comes with oroshi (grated daikon).

Hagi – 152 W 49th St, NYC

Posted by Donny


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