Curry Orzo and Miso Salad

Curry orzo w/ spare ribs and miso salad

Went grocery shopping one Sunday in Chinatown. After a whole week of eating out my wallet and bank account were feeling the pain. I decided to make a giant pot of Japanese curry that will last for a whole week! My favorite chain Japanese curry restaurant, Curry House is own by House Foods America Corporation. Japanese style curry is really easy to make because it either comes as a ready-to-eat-just-heat-it-up-sauce mix or a block-shaped-roux-like mix. I got the latter at Jaz Mart few weeks before. Anyways, so at Chinatown I picked up a 2.5lb pack of pork spare ribs, 5 medium sized potatoes, 2 carrots and 1 big onion.
I need a knife handling lesson!! Took me so long to cut and dice the potatoes, carrots and onion. After slow cooking it for 2hours it was done! It came out so good, I’m a good cook.

5 medium sized potatoes diced
2 large carrots or 6(?) small carrots diced
1 large yellow onion diced
2.5lbs pork spare ribs or any kind of meat you want or no meat
1 box of House or any brand of curry mix
Enough water to cover everything
Large enough pot to hold everything
Secret ingredient, herbs from France! from a friend

Heat up some oil and throw in the onion, cook until translucent than put in all the carrots and potatoes. Give it a I made...good stir and cook for hm….5-6mins. Put a good spoonful of herbs and stir. I guess I should’ve browned the spare ribs but I’m too lazy and my apt does not have good ventilation. Didn’t want to smell the spare ribs for a whole week! Put all the spare ribs into the pot and pour enough water to cover everything. Have the heat on high until water begins to boil. Once the water starts to boil down heat down to low. Break the block of curry into little pieces and put each piece into the pot one at a time giving it a good stir after 3-4 pieces. Once all the pieces are in stir to mix and make sure the all the pieces are melted. Let the curry simmer for about 2 hours (if you are using tough pieces of meat or 1 hour if no meat). Take it off the heat after 2 hours and let it rest. From here you can do whatever you want with it. Freeze a portion for later, chill it in fridge for the next day or eat it right away with a good bowl of rice.
What I did was, I put it in the fridge for the next day. So the next day I bought a box of orzo and cooked enough for one person. Just as the orzo was almost done I stopped the heat. Took out the pot of curry and scooped all the fat that had solidified. Then I scooped some curry into the pot that was cooking the orzo and turned on the heat. While that was heating up, I got a small spoonful of miso paste and added extra virgin olive oil and pepper to make a quick miso dressing for my salad.
Everything was so good and the curry had just the right amount of curry taste, love it!! I made enough curry for 5 meals!


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