Kipling and Curry

I just finished reading Rudyard Kipling’s Kim (it was really great, if you’re wondering), and the Indian setting made start craving a good curry. I had already been thinking that I needed to make something other than pasta, as it feels like that’s all I’ve been making lately. Luckily, making a simple curry is pretty easy.

I started by boiling some new potatoes, and when they were done I drained the water out of the pot and set the potatoes aside. I added some olive oil and a bit of butter (I don’t have the patience to make ghee) to the same pot, and cooked some sliced onion, garlic, and pearl onions with some salt and pepper. When they softened I added some curry powder, and let it all cook together for a few minutes. I added some chopped celery and carrots, let them cook, then some cubed tofu, then some summer squash. Another dash of curry powder, salt and pepper, and then the boiled potatoes went in as well. I turned up the heat and added some water to the pot.

Water is really the only thing that would work in this situation; broth or wine would only throw off the curry flavor. When the water had cooked down a bit, I tasted it to make sure it had enough salt, and then served it over brown rice. Maybe not quite authentic, but it certainly satisfied my curry-lust.


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