French Toast Chocolate Sandwich

French toast with chocolate insideWhat’s your favorite type of bread to make French toast with? I heart challah bread, it’s so eggy already. It’s hard to go back to using regular sliced bread after having challah bread.
I wanted to use the last bar of semi-sweet chocolate that I have still and I was craving for French toast (well I always crave for French toast). So the day before I bought a loaf of challah bread and cream.

Challah bread
Semi-sweet chocolate
1 egg
Some cream
Some ground cinnamon

Slice two pieces of challah bread and put the chocolate in between. Get a big enough bowl or plate, mix the egg and cream and cinnamon together, mix well! Heat a pan up and melt some butter in it. Put the whole sandwich into the egg mixture and let it absorb the mixter, both sides. Leave it in the bowl/plate for a bit depending how thick the slices of bread are. Put the whole sandwich in the pan and let it cook. I have the heat up around medium or little under medium. You want to get it golden brown on both sides but also melt the chocolate. Low heat wouldn’t brown the bread too quickly. When done, put it on a plate and cut it in half. Why? To see the wonderful melted chocolatey goodness of course.


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