Yee Eng Home Cooking

Cold sesame noodles
Sometimes a little spontaneity will result in big or positive rewards. That’s what happened with my friends and I with Yee Eng Home Cooking. So it all started out with me craving for cheap fried dumplings at the Dumpling House since we were in the area. I never know the exact street that it is on but I think it’s on Eldridge…’s on Eldridge right? We walked up and down twice on Eldridge and right when we gave up we found it annnnddddd it was closed. Okay fine it was 4th of July but come on!!!! It’s a Chinese restaurant!!! Chinese restaurants don’t close for western holidays!! Boo!!! And I was sooooo looking forward to some fried dumplings. Being the stubborn aZZ, I lead the group to the other cheap fried dumpling place that I know of on Mosco St. YES! They’re open! Where are we?
But right when I was about to walk in for some delicious fried dumplings we noticed a sign on the road right across from the fried dumpling place. It’s a menu sign for Yee Eng, with an arrow pointing up. It’s a small restaurant on the second floor and everything on the menu was extremely cheap. Instead of getting dumplings we all decided to JUST try this place for the heck of it and shortly after we found ourselves sitting in a rather non-decorative place by the only window that faces the church. For some reason the kitchen took up half of the space, leaving only room for 5 or 6 tables. While going through the menu, we were all amazed at how cheap everything was. Majority of the items on the menu were only priced at $2.50 with $4.50 being the most expensive. We put in our orders and waited patiently for our delicious food. I told my friends that it felt like we were transported to some European country because our only view to the outside was the stone wall of a church. Being on a tiny street away from the busy Chinatown streets also helped.
Finally one by one our food came. I got the cold sesame noodles and pan fried wontons. The pan fried wontons were good, meaty and nicely fried. It was served with a mysterious brown sauce, might have been the same sesame sauce that they used for the cold noodles but I couldn’t tell. *Shrugs… The noodles were quite good, really flavorful and for $2.50 what a deal! Everybody enjoyed their meal and was quite happy with our spontaneous decision to try this place.

– Yee Eng Home Cooking 105 Mosco St, Chinatown NY


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