L.A & S.F. Eats Day 1 – Udon

Basic Udon at Taiko
Before leaving for LA I knew exactly where and what I wanted to eat once the plane lands in LA. A restaurant in Rowland Heights call The Boat has two of my favorite dishes. One is the boneless Hainam Chicken Rice and the other one, the dish that I wanted to eat, is the Continental Fried Rice. What makes it continental I have no freakin idea but I know it’s freakin awesome. Tomato fried rice topped with one fried chicken thigh and leg, one fried egg, half a fried hot dog and a piece of tomato!!!!
Sadly there will be no photo of this since I didn’t get to eat it. Once I got onto the plane I didn’t feel so good, kept drinking hot tea and felt really tired. When we landed I told my sister I wanted something hot and comforting so she and her bf took me to Taiko for Japanese food. Taiko is located in Brentwood at the top floor of a mini mall and is known for their udon. After scanning through the menu I decided on a bowl of oyakodon. When I told the waitress what I wanted she asked me if I wanted just that or Oyakodonthe combo. With the combo I would get a small bowl of oyakodon and a bowl of basic udon. After hearing that option I quickly changed my order. It was silly of me to not eat udon at a place known for their udon right?!
For $11 I got a not so small bowl of good, not great, oyakodon and a big bowl of super silky udon with pieces of rice krispie like tempura. After my first slurp of the udon I really wanted to say thanks to the waitress for letting me know about the combo. The noodles were smooth and silky great for slurping. The broth was clean and tasty. The bits of tempura, now soggy, gave the noodle an extra level of tastiness. One minor criticism, I can’t believe I’m going to say this but….., they gave me a lot of udon. Along with the bowl of oyakodon there were just too much food for me but I did my best to finish the udon. The oyakodon was alright, tasted great but the egg wasn’t runny enough.
Overall it was a superb meal and for $11…come on!!!

– Taiko 11677 San Vicente Blvd Ste 302, Los Angeles


One thought on “L.A & S.F. Eats Day 1 – Udon

  1. I must say I absolutely adore any place that has Udon Noodl Soup on their menu. I remember the first time I tasted it, I fell in love, and could hardly find it anywhere else since. Now I know where to go the next time im in Cali 🙂

    Thank you for the lovely review


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