S.F. & L.A. Eats Day 6 – Eddie’s Cafe

2 eggs, hash browns, smoked sausage
I do love breakfast all day, who doesn’t? This was probably one of the best food find during my trip in SF. I do love it when it’s a result of spontaneity. My friends wanted to walk their dogs to the park near our rented apartment. While walking we happened to walk by Eddie’s Cafe. It’s a small diner at the corner of the street and on the outside in red letters “breakfast all day”. I knew then I wanted to eat there before leaving SF.

After walking the dogs P and M weren’t hungry so they went off to do their own thing while Howard and I decided to go check out Eddie’s Cafe. We walked in and grabbed a table by the window. This place was definitely a no thrills, straightforward sort of place. The menu said it’s a soul food diner but I wasn’t expecting to see Asian people working in the front and back of the restaurant. I guess if you stay true to the food, does it matter who makes them?
Eddie's Cafe
I ordered the two eggs and one smoked sausage with hash browns. I’m a sucker for hash browns, they’re just toooooo good. My breakfast also came with either toasts or biscuits, I picked biscuits. With SUPERSONIC SPEED, no seriously our food came reeeaaaaaaally fast. Like Anthony Bourdain said in the Hong Kong episode, food fast does not mean fast food. I love how the sausage had a criss-cross pattern and that the hash browns took up almost half of the plate, I love hash browns. Before devouring my food I cut the biscuit in half and slathered each half with jelly and butter. After that everything was a blur because yes I devoured all my food. Ohhhhhh was it good….soooo good. Nothing beats a simple breakfast that was cooked to perfection. The hash browns were crunchy outside and soft inside, just the way I like them.

I really want some Eddie’s Cafe NOW NOW NOW!

– Eddie’s Cafe 800 Divisadero St, San Francisco


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