Berlin Eats Rote Harfe

Roasted duck w/ honey & thyme sauce
For Thanksgiving, I took a trip to Berlin. My friend T lives there so I decided to visit her and since Berlin has always been on my “places to visit” list I took the chance.

I arrived to a gloomy Wednesday afternoon after a 15 hour plane ride + waiting at airports. My friend had class around 6pm and 3 papers to write. So while she was out I decided to walk around Alexanderplatz, super close to where she lives and home of the famous tv tower. Near the tv tower there was a Christmas fair, since the Europeans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas celebration starts early. As I was walking through the fair I got hungrier and hungrier because all I saw were stalls of food food food food!! There were bratwursts, currywursts, other different kinds of wursts, crepes, grilled pork chop, pan fried potatoes, MORE WURSTS!, mysterious fried dough things, warm wine, and other stuff. In the end I didn’t get anything since I was heading out to dinner soon and it’s not that fun to eat food at festivals alone.
Once my friend came back from her class we were off to Kreuzburg, a few stops on the U-bahn. There wasn’t a solid plan for dinner. We just decided to walk around and see what looked good. As always these sort of non-planning, go-with-the-flow idea tends to result in spending hours of walking around trying decide what to eat. There’s always the “oh lets go look at this one”, after a short moment of looking at the menu, turns around and “oh what about that one over there?” This went on for a bit but finally FINALLY we came upon Rote Harfe or Red Harp. There was an English menu posted outside near the door. We looked and my friend said for Berlin the prices were a bit on the expensive side but since we were starving by then we walked in and grabbed a table towards the back of the room. Looking through the specials menu (sorry I don’t remember what was in the regular menu) I narrowed it down to the farfalle with dried pumpkin or the roasted wild boar with a mushroom cream sauce. Then my friend pointed out the roasted half duck….oooohhHHHHHHHHH I do love duck. HHHHHMMMMMM everything sounded so good.
Pan fried filets of Atlantic fishes
I ended getting the duck and T got the pan fried filets of altantic fishes (there were 3 filets).

Dinner at Rote Harfe (Red Harp)The roasted duck came with a honey and thyme sauce served with red cabbage and 2 potato dumplings. Ahh….an entire half a duck for me! I picked up my knife and fork and started to cut the duck. The skin was perfectly crispy, I can hear it crack as I cut into the duck, aaahhhh the sound of deliciousness. I tore a big piece of skin (felt so guilty but I’m on vacation!), ohhhh so good. Then I cut a chunk of meat and ate it with some red cabbage. I ate some of the potato dumplings and it was not what I was expecting. The texture was very gummy like boiled rice balls, I thought they were rice balls! There weren’t a whole lot of flavors in the dumplings but that was good because I used them to soak up all the yummy sauce. Everything on that plate was just perfect, it was a perfect combination of fatty yummie meat with the light vegetables and potatoes to soak in the sauce.
Rote Harfe is very causal. We were not rushed or anything and lots of people were there to just drink and hang with friends. The restaurant was brightly lit which I prefer. I hate places with dim lights make me sleepy.

– Rote Harfe Oranienstr. 13 Berlin, Germany

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