Lunch at Cafe Spice

When my sister was living in NYC a few summers ago we had lunch at Cafe Spice on University place. I don’t remember much about the meal except that we got the naan sampler along with the food, and it was a ton of bread for two people to eat.

And so when I found myself in the vicinity, looking for lunch, I thought of Cafe Spice. Their lunch menu is pretty extensive, and for $10 I got the South Indian special platter: dosas, vegetarian uttapam, and idli. The idli may have been my favorite — delicate little steamed cakes, made with rice flour and lentil flour. I have been really digging lentil-based breads lately; their slightly sour flavor really lends something special to the food. I know there are better, more authentic Indian restaurants throughout the city, but Cafe Spice is a pretty good spot for a huge lunch.

Cafe Spice — 72 University Place


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