When Donny suggested meeting up at Eurotrip, I wasn’t too excited about it. The fact that it shares it’s name with (what I assume is) a terrible movie made me instantly suspicious of the bar, but then I noticed the menu and I knew why Donny wanted to meet there. Serving Eastern European-inspired dishes like the Langoš, or Hungarian fried bread, you see above, Eurotrip is a great restaurant and a great bar, all in one.

The fried bread was as greasy as it looks; what was surprising was how dense it was. This is no light and airy fried bread; it’s a serious meal on its own. I got the klassik version, simply served with some sauerkraut, but they also offer more hearty toppings.

For an entree I got this block of fried Edam cheese, served over a bed of french fries with homemade tartar sauce and lingonberry jam on the side. It may be a heart attack on a plate, but it is delicious. The tangy tartar sauce, the sweet lingonberries, and the salty cheese all melded together in one delicious bite. The lingonberries also made a nice dip for the fried bread as well.

Just in case you were worried, they have healthier stuff too. Here Phae shows off her arugula, apple, and fennel salad. They were happy to substitute goat cheese for the blue cheese that was supposed to come with the salad.

Donny got some deliciously rich potato and spinach pirogis, as well as paprika shrimp with mascarpone grits. Other than the paprika I’m not sure how the shrimp dish is Easter European, but Donny cleaned his plate so it must have been good.

Eurotrip also offers a nice selection of European beers, both on tap and by the bottle. When we were there they had a special going — for $10 you got three different bottles of German beer. Our bartender / server was helpful and friendly the entire night, making the experience that much better.

And so Eurotrip won me over. In fact, it’s now one of my favorite bars in Brooklyn. They offer great food, great beer, and great service — what more are you looking for?

Eurotrip — 667 5th Avenue, Brooklyn


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