Best Wurst Trip Ever

Food in PotsdamImbiss currywurst
When in Berlin, eat wurst. I knew the Germans were big on their wursts but I didn’t know they were THAT crazy about them. First of all I have never seen so many sausages in one place nor have I seen so many varieties. Everywhere I went I would see people eating one or two. Standing outside in the freezing cold by these tall round tables near the sausage place. One guy was so serious about sausages, he carried his own deep fryer on his lap cooking sausages while in a wheelchair!!!! Like WOW!!

My first currywurst of the trip was at Wurst(with a smiley face) near the Reichstag. My friend said that it wouldn’t be as good since it’s in a touristy area. She also warned me about the bread that comes with the wurst being very dense. The only time I ever had a currywurst was at a German theme restaurant/bar in the West Village and I don’t really remember how it was like so in the end I had nothing to compare the currywurst from Wurst :). Being that it was my first official currywurst I thought it was quite tasty. Though I’m not sure if by adding a few dusting of curry powder makes it a currywurst. The wurst was cover in a ketchup-like sauce and the bread WAS SUPER dense. I ended up finishing everything since I was very hungry to begin with. I wish there was more curry flavor.

On my third day we took a trip to Potsdam. Got off the S-Bahn and took a tram into town. While there we walked through a Christmas street fair. There’s just something magical about street food and eating and walking.
Food in Potsdam
Our first food item was a bowl of yummy sauted mushrooms with herbs and onion with a splash of cream sauce. Maybe it was the cold weather but the mushrooms were sooooo good. Should’ve gotten another bowl. Next, J and I both got a bratwurst (top left photo) and it came with one of those super dense bread. Anything grilled is good, especially meat. I knew the bratwurst was hot so took me a while to take the first bite but once I did, oohhh yeeeaah. It was damn good. After finishing the bratwurst and half of the bread, I threw the other half away. There wasn’t much point for the bread besides being the bratwurst holder. Next stop, we stopped at a stall with a giant circular grill in the center. On top of the grill was meat meat meat more meat sausages sausages pork chops meat meat meat.
Food in Potsdam
Food in PotsdamWhile standing in line, I saw a guy buying a pork chop so I decided to get a pork chop instead of another wurst. My friend J got a different kind of wurst, it looked like a dodger dog but he didn’t like it. Didn’t say why and I think he didn’t finish it. Good thing I got the pork chop because it was good. Not too dry, very flavorful and they used a different kind of bread. My friends each took a bite and both agreed. Our final food item at the street fair was a simple plate of fried slices of potatoes. Oh I just love potatoes especially when they’re fried.

On my last full day in Berlin, we went to KaDeWe a super giant high-end department store. Before walking in we stopped at Imbiss, the more famous currywurst place. Now that I had one at Wurst :), I can compare the two. Unlike Wurst(with a smiley face), Imbiss fried their wursts (top right photo). Even though both had the same amount of ketchupy sauce and about the same amount of curry powder, Imbiss by frying their wursts was able to give that extra crispy texture. Anything fried is better.


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