KaDeWe A Foodie Heaven

Looks like maggots!
Calling a place foodie heaven is a bold statement but when a department store dedicates the top two floors just for food I think most people will agree that it’s a heaven for foodies. The top floor, the seventh floor, was like a buffet you would find in Vegas. Everything was self-served. Grab a tray, utensils, plates and go around to each station to pick what you want to eat. Beware though, each station had their own cost so you can’t mix all your food onto one plate. They charge you by weight.

Food court/buffet at KaDeWe
Here is what I ended up getting. Still remembering the mushrooms and potatoes from Potsdam I got some of those, some cucumber salad, some cauliflowers, and head cheese. Yes head cheese, I saw these on No Reservations when Anthony Bourdain went to Berlin and I was glad to get a chance to try some. I didn’t do any research on head cheese beforehand so the slight sourness surprised me but it was a good sour. Really went great with the rest of the food on my plate. Can I find head cheese in NYC?

KaDeWeRaw herring sandwich
The sixth floor of KaDeWe was like a giant maze, a maze that I wouldn’t mind getting lost in. Before you get hit by the wonderful smell of just everything you’ll get hit by the sights and sounds of everything. I was getting dizzy and lost just trying to navigate my way around. So here’s the deal with the sixth floor. They sell fresh produce, meat, seafood, nuts, bread, fresh and dried pasta, sweets, coffee, tea, beer, wine……etc and etc. Pretty much what you want from a supermarket you’ll find at KaDeWe. What made this place amazing besides being a supermarket, it was also a street fair and it was also a hi-end food court with restaurants and cafes.
You’ll find, for example, on your right a counter that sold meat or cheese and on your left will be a counter top with chairs and a team of people cooking Italian or French food. Or you can sit down have a Thai meal or Chinese or Italian or German then jump over to the sandwich counter for a raw herring sandwich (I tried it and it was goooood) then walk over to the chocolate station for a free sample theeeeeeennn sit down for a cup of tea or coffee (if you can find an open stool, people there were like hawks hovering over trying to get a stool) then walk around to look or to buy stuff like beer, wine, nuts, cocoa, candy, herbs, fruits, veggies, cheese, sausages, fish, clams, bread, cakes and while at the cake counter pick up a pastry filled with apples THEN over to the smoothie station for a mango-pineapple smoothie!!!! *Phew….that was a long sentence. I know there are grammar problems in that sentence but I don’t care I’m that excited about the sixth floor of KaDeWe! It’s just one super duper amazing place.
It was definitely a one-stop shop for, well, EVERYTHING! I really wished I sat down at one of those counters and ordered food.


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