Tale Of Two Dogs

Morning and BLT dogsBulgogi dog @ New York Hot Dog & Coffee
Yes I have heard many things about Crif Dogs and all the crazy dogs they have but I have never been. I know! I didn’t even know where it was. Then New York Hot Dog & Coffee came up with this amazing idea for a hot dog. I feel that the hot dog just doesn’t get as much love as the burger. Its sort of rare for people to go out and say “Oh lets go get a hot dog!” There are so many great burgers in the city but only a handful, probably less, of hot dog places. Why???!!

Taters!After holiday bar hopping with coworkers on a Thursday night back in December, my friend M and I were walking to Odessa for some much needed diner food. We were walking on St.Marks towards Avenue A, I made the comment “Oh I never been to Crif Dogs before” as we were walking by Crif Dogs. My friend was surprised that I have never been to Crif Dog and suggested going there instead of Odessa. Fine with me! What made it funny though was that couple days before I read this on Serious Eats so I knew exactly what I wanted plus an order of tater tots OF COURSE! Our dogs came out rather quickly and instead of burning juices from the bacon I got a sort of cold old bacon-wrapped-dog that didn’t do much. I think whenever you have an egg on something, the taste of the egg tends to over power many things. The slice of Kraft single didn’t do much either, maybe its a different story if I the dog fresh. Awesome giant pile of tater tots though.

On New Year’s Eve, M and I left work early to go meet up with P in the West Village for a bulgogi dog. P discovered it while on her way from work to the East Village one night. Then a couple of weeks later she went and got a bulgogi dog for lunch. She, of course, expressed her bliss with a photo and a happy caption. So I wanted to eat something before going to Commonwealth for drinks and so I suggested bulgogi dog. New York Hot Dog & Coffee serves more than just bulgogi dogs. They also have a kimchi version and regular old dogs for the non-adventurous. I went with the combo for around $8 which gets you a bulgogi dog, a side (I got baked spicy fries) and a drink. The whole place is a bit weird, it has a large back room that doesn’t seem to fit with the front of the store but I was glad that there was a back part.
So bulgogi on a hot dog. Well it wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be but still good. The dog and bun were larger than regular hot dogs I guess so that it would be easier to pile the bulgogi on. The bulgogi was kind of bland and it kind of got lost in the dog when I was chewing it. Or maybe because I was too hungry to notice anything.

Both places are great and I think any types of dogs are awesome! I prefer Crif Dogs because they have tater tots! I still prefer my way of making hot dogs and thats Japanese Styled Bacon Wrapped Dog

– Crif Dogs 113 St.Marks Pl, New York
– New York Hot Dog & Coffee 245 Bleecker Street, New York

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