The Aerogarden Chronicles, Vol. 2

On the third day after setting up the Aerogarden, I noticed what I thought was a tiny green shoot coming up out of the thyme cup. “Couldn’t be,” I thought. “It’s far too early.” But the very next day it was a sure thing — the Aerogarden was producing already! It was only a few more days before I was seeing shoots out of the Italian basil and purple basil as well.

The Aerogarden instructions are very clear. You are not to remove the plastic covers until the plants appear, and you are not to remove the labels from the top of the planters. This is where I encountered my first (and hopefully my last) problem with the Aerogarden — when I removed the plastic cover from the purple basil, the label from the planter came peeling off with it. I hurriedly replaced it, but I worried that it was too late, the damage had been done.

The next day there was something sprouting from the chive planter. It was already so tall, in fact, that it was curling up under the plastic cover. I removed that as well; now I was worried that I hadn’t removed it in time, and that the chives were damaged. And what was with the black spot at the end of the sprout?

Now there is a little sprout coming out of the mint planter. Only the dill and the parsley have yet to sprout, but they are on the longer end of the growing spectrum. The chives have begun to stand up tall, so I think they’re all right. I’m starting to think that this is thing is so fool-proof that even I can’t mess it up.


2 thoughts on “The Aerogarden Chronicles, Vol. 2

  1. I just got one of these for christmas, and the herbs are definitely coming up well, but already, one of the bulbs has blown! PS, thats the seed cover at the tip of the chive, I think…


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