Al Di La

Spicy tomato fish soup
Like Howard said on his post about Al Di La, the entire dinner could be summed up as “good, not great.” I had high hopes for this place and that was probably what killed it. It was hard to not have high hopes when most of the reviews were positive.

Knowing its popularity we decided to go early and met up around 6:15pm. We walked into a dim lit tiny cozy space (well first we had to walk through these curtains after entering, gosh why do restaurants do that?), already about 85% filled with diners. We were seated and given the menu. Shortly after the waiter came and told us the special. I ended up ordering 2 of the specials, the spicy tomato fish soup and the gnocchi with ragu. I got the gnoochi with ragu because I was reading Heat by Bill Buford and just so happened I was in the ragu chapter! I don’t know why I ordered the spicy soup but I did and I regretted it. It was really spicy and really hot and being hot made the soup 10 times more spicy. I was really sweating and took me forever to finish.
Gnocchi with ragu
Our entrees came and I was just staring at my plate. I was like “this is it? Man I can finish this in 2 bites!” I started eating my gnocchi. Can I use the term al dente with gnocchi also? Actually I don’t even know what is considered to be the perfect softness or hardness for gnocchi but I do know that I was not too thrilled about the ones I was eating. They were so soft it felt like I was chewing clouds. Marshmallows were tougher than those gnocchi! In the end the meal was just alright. Great flavors though. The soup was tasty and so was the gnocchi but didn’t WOW me like so many reviews on the internet said it would. I didn’t even bother getting a dessert because nothing sounded worth getting.

– Al Di La 248 5th Ave, Brooklyn


4 thoughts on “Al Di La

  1. that’s a shame. sometimes (often times)over-hype is the thing that leads to a let down. nothing ever lives up to the hype! ok, some things do, but you know what i mean. i had a great experience at al di la, but i do remember my whipped bacala needed salt.


  2. A shame you didn’t have a good meal, but I think you need to order differently next time. I had a fabulous meal the other day with the tripe slider, escarole salad, tagliatelle la ragu, squid ink risotto and calfs liver. I don’t think I have ever had a bad dish, yes some decent dishes, but for the most part amazing. I recommend trying it again and ordering much differently.


  3. The meal was good but not great. I will definitely go back and try other things on the menu. My friend said great things about their non-pasta entrees. Tripe sliders eh? Now THAT I really want to try.


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