The Aerogarden Chronicles, Vol. 3

I am, at heart, an eternal pessimist. And so I was pleasantly surprised when dill, one of the two seed cups that had not yet begun to sprout, appeared in the Aerogarden. “Six out of seven is not so bad,” I thought. Such are the inner workings of my mind. Never mind that the parsely planter says 8-10 days; by the eighth day I had given up hope. Then on the ninth day after setting up the Aerogarden, the parsley sprouted.

One of my favorite things about the Aerogarden is the smell. There is no herb fragrance as of yet, but the thing smells strongly of soil. It’s a good sign, I think, that such a device would have such a connection to the natural world.

So because I am having way too much fun using the tripod and remote my sister gave me for my camera, here are the seven herbs included in the so-called Gourmet Herb assortment that came in the box with the Aerogarden:


Purple Basil
Italian Basil


In addition to worrying over the sprouts, I began to worry about the alert system. When the Aerogarden runs low on water, a red light begins flashing. The same thing happens when it runs low on “nutrients” (though this is, I suspect, just a timer). I began to wonder what would happen if the lights started flashing just after I left for work; there could be a nine-hour stretch with low water. On some level I know that the system has a built in buffer, but I didn’t want to risk it.

Just before I left for work on Friday the water light began flashing, so I refilled it. Then when I returned from work, the nutrient light and the water lights were flashing. I dropped in two nutrient tablets, but the water level was fine. What was going on?

It turns out that the water light flashes automatically when the nutrient light flashes, so that you do not add nutrients to an empty bowl. I hit reset and both lights stopped flashing. It’s not quite gardening, but it is tailor made for a worry-wart like myself.

And so the second full week comes to a close. I may be able to start harvesting as early as one week from now.


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