Bene Pizza

regular slice and vodka slice

When it comes to pizza in New York City, I have two classifications. There’s the regular slice place, which I sometimes think of as the corner pizza places, because a large number of these are located at the corner of busy intersections. Then there are the “nice” pizza places, which usually have much better pizza and are also much more expensive. Both have their place; it’s easy to say that the nice places are better, but it’s the corner places that are there for a quick lunch, or when you’re drunk at two in the morning.

I was sitting at home innocently when Donny alerted me to this post over at Blondie & Brownie about the vodka slice at Bene Pizza, a slice place just a few blocks away from my apartment here in Windsor Terrace. I’d never been there, but the seed was planted. And on a snowy day not long after, I headed over to Bene Pizza for lunch.

These slice places often have tons of “specialty slices” though I don’t usually hold with them. I feel like these corner places live or die on the strength of their regular slice (that’s a slice of cheese for you non-New Yorkers). I also think that the more stuff you pile on top of the pizza the less you can actually taste anything. Because Blondie & Brownie had talked so much about the vodka slice, I was willing to give it a shot. I ordered a regular slice and a vodka slice. I started with the regular.

The regular slice ($2.50) was fine, nothing special. I did like the fact that some oregano was baked onto the pie, but other than that it was a just a good, regular slice. I turned my attention to the vodka slice ($3.50), the true reason for my visit.

crust of vodka slice

My first impression upon picking up the slice was that it was heavy. Biting into it was a confirmation of that; at first I thought that the crust itself was thicker. No, I realized, it was a thick layer of mozzarella, supporting the vodka sauce. The wonderful, rich, creamy vodka sauce….

Sorry, I got lost daydreaming about how good the sauce was. Honestly, the drool is running down my face as I write this. It was hard not to wolf this thing down. The mozzarella adds just the right amount of chew to balance out the sauce, which was overflowing off of the slice. I can’t recommend the vodka slice highly enough.

Bene Pizza — 157 Prospect Park SW, Brooklyn


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