Tea And Sympathy

Scones w/ clotted cream & jam
Yeah yeah this was back in August of 2008. It’s what happens when you get lazy and other things come up. Ever since I came back from a week in Amsterdam I have been dreaming of the clotted cream, jam and scones I had there. Something about the tanginess of the jam, the sweet creaminess of the clotted cream and the buttery flavor of the scone are just perfect. Heavenly perfect. *sigh

So I was on a mission to find some perfection. I even posted a question at Serious Eats asking other serious eaters if they know any place, hopefully around the west 30s so I can easily get some while at work. Sadly there were none. Argh!! West 30s sucks! Besides being close to K-town there’s nothing to eat around here. Anyways, most of the the suggestions on Serious Eats were pointing to Tea and Sympathy and Alice Tea Cup. Some how the idea of trekking from Brooklyn to the Upper East or the Upper West Side didn’t sound too appealing so I settled for Tea & Sympathy in the West Village. I met up with my friend S at Tea & Sympathy on a Sunday afternoon for brunch. Yes I was late, I’m always late. Anyways, we walked into a tiny tiny place, probably about 6 or 7 tables. The menu of Tea & Sympathy looked a lot like a menu from a British pub. You got your beans on toast, scotch eggs, steak & guinness pie, sheperd’s pie, bangers & mash and other yummy British pub food. Being that its a tea place they also have tons of different teas and tea sandwiches.
My friend and I ended up ordering a large pot of English breakfast tea even though it was 90 plus degrees outside (HEY we’re at Tea & Sympathy right? Gotta order the tea), scones with clotted cream and jam, oatmeal for her and a simple scrambled eggs with toast for me. I’m very critical about my scrambled eggs. I hate it when people cook the shit out of the eggs and it just becomes these crumbly dry bits. Perfect scrambled eggs should be light and a little runny. The eggs from this place was pretty good, at least they weren’t dry! The bread was unexpected. I mean it seem like they used a similar bread as Chinese bakeries. Bread from Chinese bakeries tends to tear. Its hard to explain its best that you go out and find a loaf! Heehee…. Anyways, as I was eating the bread a girl from the next table kept saying to her friend how much she loooooovvveesssss the bread. O….kkkkk
OatmealScrambled egg w/ toast
So the scones and clotted cream and jam. They were……pretty good, of course not as good as Amsterdam. The clotted cream wasn’t creamy enough. I didn’t feel any guilt while I was eating it. Clotted cream in Amsterdam was definitely more creamy, had a slight tanginess to it and made me felt guilty eating it.
Overall the food was pretty good, great great service and a cozy tiny spot.

– Tea & Sympathy 108 Greenwich Ave, NYC


One thought on “Tea And Sympathy

  1. As a new fan of scones, I had my first scone from a local bakery on Long Island (nothing like Amsterdam, I’m sure). Anyway, my bakery has since stopped making them and I have been looking ever since. Last week-end, though, I was at Hunter Mountain (a bed and breakfast) and lo and behold they had tea time and guess what else? Right. Scones. I can finally say I tasted scones the proper way (with clotted cream and jam) and now I really am a huge fan of scones. Even though I may not be able to help you find scones like the ones you had in Amsterdam, just wanted to share this little experience with you.



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