1 Year Party

Eat to Blog 1 year
Howard and I thought it be nice to celebrate our blog’s first birthday. Both of us have always wanted to go to Perilla and so we decided to use the blog’s birthday as an excuse to eat there. Sadly no tables were available for Saturday. We then came up multiple Plan Bs but they just weren’t the same as Perilla. Then our friend Matt suggested that we host a party and cook food for the party/people. I think he was joking but we thought it was a great idea and that was what we did. It was basically an excuse to make something new and experiment. Also if we can write about food we should be able to cook food right?

Howard and I spent about a whole week figuring out what we should make. He first came up with homemade ricotta cheese, ravioli, long pasta, and of course the no-knead bread. I went straight for Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks, he’s my favorite chef. I was planning to make half meat and half veggie dishes. Then I thought about what sort of herbs I have at home that I wanted to use up. I have a whole bag of star anise and herbs from Provence, France. As I was flipping through the cookbooks I came to a roasted pork belly recipe! Done! I will roast a whole slab of pork belly with the herbs and star anise. I was also thinking of making my miso pasta and roast some veggies with herbs. Of course I kept adding stuff to the menu while I was flipping through the cookbooks. Howard said we should do a dessert so I started to look for a simple dessert and found a banana and baileys bread pudding recipe. It was perfect since I love bananas and was craving for bread pudding. After hearing I was going to make miso pasta, Howard changed his long pasta dish to pan fried polenta. I kept having second thoughts about making the pork belly, I felt with the bread pudding everything seem too fatty and filling. Anyways to make a long story short, I changed my menu a few times so here is what Howard and I made for dinner for our friends.

Howard made Jacques Pepin’s no-knead bread, a fava bean dip, ravioli with homemade ricotta and artichoke filling, a pasta dish with the leftover dough from the ravioli, and fried polenta cakes.

Miso pasta
I made saute mushroom with herbs, roasted veggies, roasted chicken legs that were marinated over night in a herb/juniper berry/orange zest rub with red wine and pearl onions, miso pasta and bread pudding.

I think we both did pretty good. As long as there was enough wine I think we were fine, haha. I did feel all of my dishes were only okay. I should’ve diced up the mushroom smaller and used less lemon juice, the miso pasta need one more spoon of miso paste and I over cooked the pasta it was too soft, the roasted veggies could’ve used more seasoning, I used too much salt in the rub for the chicken it was quite salty, should’ve used less wine there was too much liquid in the chicken pan and if I had the time I should’ve pour the sauce into a pan and cooked it down. I wanted the sauce and chicken to compliment Howard’s polenta but the sauce was too oily and thin. Oy, the bread pudding tasted GREAT but didn’t bake it long enough.

Well I have another year to practice, hopefully my skills will get better.

Roasted carrotsChicken w/ herb/orange zest/juniper berries in red wine


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