New Chao Chow

Combination rice sticks w/ soup on side
I took my friend Scott to New Chao Chow for their spicy beef noodles. We walked in and sat down at a big table with another guy. That guy knew exactly what he wanted and ordered even before he sat down. As for Scott and I we took our time going through the menu. As usual I had three or four things I was iffy about. I can never make up my mind. Scott was ready to order, he decided on wonton noodles instead of spicy beef noodles. While I was still trying to decide what I wanted the guy across from us was already eating his food. He got a bowl of dry noodles with bunch of mixed meats on top and soup on the side. It looked pretty good so I decided to get that but on the menu there were two noodles with soup on the side. One was combination rice stick and the other one was combination noodles. Hm…what’s the difference? I decided to get the combination rice stick.
Within five minutes my order came. Usually the flavors of the broth determine how the whole bowl of noodles would taste like. So with the soup on the side I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of flavors from this bowl of dry noodles. Oh OOHHHHH was I freakin wrong!! The noodles were bursting with flavors! I wasn’t able to tell what went into the sauce but it was soooooooo good. The warm noodles were topped with a mixed of pork, ground pork, slices of fish cakes, shrimps and the usual scallions. OH and rice sticks are the same flat thin noodles use in pho which I love. People usually don’t drink the soup in soup noodles so this would be perfect for those people. I took a sip of the soup and was REALLY glad that I got it on the side.

– New Chao Chow, 111 Mott St. NYC


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