Homemade Pizza

Thanks Sam!Pizza making
So our friend, Mo, his goal is to some day open his own pizzeria. Yes I am very for people to turn their love/hobby into a business. When Mo wanted to have a pizza making night, I say HELL YEAH! You can also read Howard’s entry about that night, here. First without a proper pizza oven, we were just not gonna make master pieces. I believe Mo and Howard made 5 pizzas and oh geez we ate all of them. I’m going to say it, the first one was pretty damn bad and so was the whole wheat one. To me both pies tasted quite bland and as Mo pointed out the crust tasted very yeasty. Eh the whole wheat crust was bad, noooo thank you. But I think those 2 were great start and obviously they were able to change what they did for the other 3 pies. My favorite would have to be the third one because the crust was thin but it was still a bit bland. Overall the sauce needed more flavor, a better oven, gotta rework the dough (eh no whole wheat please?), try fancier cheese? and practice practice practice!
Pizza making


2 thoughts on “Homemade Pizza

  1. well said. the first set of experiments will circle around making dough. good, consistent, and non-yeasty! the second set will be making fresh mozz. good mozz isn’t cheap – this small piece for these pies cost nearly $9.35! then the sauce… toppings are easy. a pizza stone can be bought for our new fancy oven.

    baby mozzarella steps!


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