Free Stuff: Quaker True Delights

“so deliciously enticing, you’ll want to eat one everyday.
so packed with wholesome goodness, you can.”
–coupon for quaker true delights

Being a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher has some perks. Recently they offered us the opportunity to get some free stuff to blog about, so of course I said “yes.” The first bit of swag arrived not long ago: Quaker True Delights, which look to be upscale granola bars. Below are my impressions of the “three delicious flavors.”

Honey Roasted Cashew Mixed Berry
When I first looked at the packaging of this bar I had to laugh. A note to Quaker: Cherries are NOT berries. They are drupes, or stone fruits, like peaches. So the Honey Roasted Cashew Mixed Berry bar is mis-named, as there is only one berry (cranberry) in there. Though the inclusion of cherries leads to one of my favorite warning labels ever: “ENJOY WITH CARE – BECAUSE WE USE ALL NATURAL CHERRIES, YOU MAY ENCOUNTER A CHERRY PIT.” Grammarians, back me up here. They do not use all of the natural cherries in existence, they use all-natural cherries, right? Flavor-wise they were unremarkable. I did not, thankfully, encounter any cherry pits.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Almond
I didn’t taste any distinct flavors in this one either. I’ve never been fond of the combination of raspberry and chocolate, but that didn’t factor into it since I didn’t taste either of those flavors. It tasted like any other granola bar.

Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia
At least it tasted strongly of bananas. I didn’t get any coconut flavor, though, but maybe that’s because the bar contains less coconut than corn syrup and oligofructose.

So to sum up, the fancy-looking packaging covers mere ordinary granola bars. I used to think of granola bars as healthy alternative snacks, but once I started paying attention to the nutritional information on the box I had to admit that I was wrong. The Quaker True Delights do contain bits of dried fruit, and the word “natural” appears on each one at least twice, but look again. One of those is “natural mixed tocopherols,” which inspires no confidence in this consumer. I think I’ll skip the granola bars and go straight to the fruit and nuts.


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