Ming’s Caffe

Pork chop over rice
I always try to keep my eyes open for anything Hong Kong style here in NY. So I was excited to see Ming’s Caffe (what’s up with the 2 fs?) in Chinatown right around the corner from the East Broadway stop on the F line. I truly believe that Chinese food should be cheap, large amount and served in a semi-dirty place. Just by looking at Ming’s Caffe and its menu, it already fulfilled 2 of the 3 criterias. Ming’s Caffe’s menu is quite extensive. Dim sum, noodles, rice, breakfast, entrees, etc…. It’s incredible to think that such a small place is able to churn out that many dishes. And on the menu there was macaroni with spam! I would love to find out the history of Cantonese people eating spam and macaroni for breakfast. Whoever thought of that was a genius!

Met up with Howard on a saturday to try this place. I truly had high hopes for this place, especially after seeing TONS of photos from a lot of my friends that recently went to Hong Kong for a wedding, I was just drooling for Hong Kong style breakfast. We walked in and the place is TINY. I recommend finding a table first then do the ordering at the window. At first I wanted the salt-baked chicken over rice but they said it was not available so I ended up getting a plain pork chop over rice with an egg sandwich. The egg sandwich was the main reason for the visit. Egg sandwiches in Hong Kong are like no other egg sandwiches. As you may or may not know, I LOVE Asian bread. Its chewy and it shreds! But what makes an egg sandwich so good is obviously the egg. I really wish to learn how to make scrambled eggs soooo fluffy and light. SOOOOO after all the anticipations my egg sandwich came. I tore the wax paper bag apart to find a lightly toasted toast. I took out my camera and lifted the slice of toast to reveal the egg. My heart quickly sank!
Egg sandwich
As you can see from the photo, it’s just a plain old pan fried egg and not a fluffy soft scrambled egg. I felt so robbed!!!! And they didn’t even fry the egg correctly!!!! They killed the yolk!!!! Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!!! I looked at Howard’s Hong Kong style banana french toast, I felt so embarrassed. I expected the french toast to be deep fried but nope. It’s just regular french toast and they did a crappy job on that also. I had told Howard what Hong Kong style was and was hoping Ming’s Caffe would show him. Major fail!!! I moved to my pork chop over rice. I took couple bites of the pork chop and the rice. Hm…….the pork chop, even though they were nice enough to cut up the pork chop, it was bland. *sigh….. Did they run out of salt? I don’t know, I was pretty much crushed. I sooooo wanted to love this place because I think it’s important to support the smaller shops/restaurants but when everything you ordered was just plain blah! its hard to care.

– Ming’s Caffe, 28 Canal St NYC


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