The Aerogarden Chronicles, Vol. 6

Successful harvesting has occurred! As I noted last week, I had to harvest the basil, at least, so that it wouldn’t hit the lamp and burn (I don’t know if that’s what would happen, but why take the chance?).

So I used the basil, both the Italian and purple varieties, in a simple tomato sauce. I also used a bit of the chives as a garnish for a pasta, and some thyme in another sauce. The herbs have, I must admit, a slightly subdued flavor, not quite the full impact of other herbs I have used in the past. The mint and parsley are still a bit small, so I’ll have to wait and see if their flavors are dulled as well.


2 thoughts on “The Aerogarden Chronicles, Vol. 6

  1. Thanks for the updates.
    I’m hanging on your every herb.

    *Seriously, I’m just trying to justify buying this. I want one so badly. So, I really do appreciate the play by play.


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