8 Hour Pork Butt

Roasted pork butt - 8hrs
I don’t remember what made me do this but I’m glad I did. There’s an Italian butcher shop down the street from where I live and that’s where I bought the 5.4lbs pork butt. The 5.4lbs cost me $18.80. Is that a lot? It was my first time buying a pork butt so I am not sure if $18.80 for 5.4lbs is good or not. So that night I made my marinate and let the pork butt sit in the fridge inside a zip lock bag with the marinate. I flipped the pork around before I went to bed just so both sides get enough marinate.

Marinating 5.4lb Pork Butt
Then the next morning around 11:30am, I fired up the oven to 400F. I took out the pork and patted it dry. I forgot to add salt and pepper to my marinate so before putting it into the oven, I sprinkled it with salt and pepper. I placed it into my roasting pan with a roasting rack inside the pan so the fat drips into the pan. Right at noon I put the butt into the oven for 30mins. We recently got a brand new oven with the fancy oven window and light so you can look into the oven without having to open the door. I had no idea how much I missed that and found myself staring at my pork butt. Honestly at that moment, it was the most beautiful thing ever. Right. Then at 12:30pm I lowered the heat to 250F and set the oven timer for 8hrs. Within the first hour of cooking, the whole apartment was filled with a sweet scent. It was quite nice. None of the recipes said to baste it but I did. I made extra marinate so why not?! Then around 8:30 I took the pork out and let it sit for a while before cutting into it. Well as you can see from the photo it looks amazing. The top layer (mostly fat) was nicely cooked and juicy and tasty. I stole couple pieces just for a taste of course. I think I made the roasted pork(char siu) at those Chinese restaurants because it tasted just like those roasted pork. So for 5.4lbs of pork butt I was able to feed 4 people, the first night, and then 8 more meals of pork. Yep I’ve been eating the pork for lunch and dinner. Also what a great way to save money because I have not spent a penny on food this entire week!

So here’s what I put into the marinate, also I didn’t measure anything.
5 spice power (well I did measure this around 3 tablespoons)
Rice wine
Soy sauce
I basically made enough for the pork butt and tasting it until I was satisfied.


3 thoughts on “8 Hour Pork Butt

  1. yes, that is expensive for a pork butt. but maybe that’s b/c i live in a city that lives off of it and making pernil. don’t think you’d need to add any extra salt to your marinade considering you have soy in there. i usually do mine puerto rican style but i love this Asian version!


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