VA Eats: Moby Dick House of Kabob

I had just finished complaining about all of the lousy falafel I’d encountered in NYC when I spent a week in VA with my parents. On my last full day there, my parents suggested we go to a falafel place with the unlikely name of Moby Dick. My first clue that this place would be better than expected was the server rolling out fresh flatbreads for baking right at the front counter. And I have to admit it: a Northern Virginia falafel chain pwned the last couple of falafels I’d eaten in New York City. Warm, thick flat bread (not pita), a creamy yogurt sauce, and super tasty falafel all make this an unexpected treat. Don’t be put off by the fast-food vibe; falafel is supposed to be fast food.

Moby DIck House of Kebab — 5900 Kingstowne Town Center, Kingstowne, VA


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