Stewed Pig’s Tongue

Yeah I bought 4 pig's tongue
Sometimes my mom would buy pig’s tongue and put them in stews or soups. She usually slice them up and we would dip them in soy sauce and eat. I love pig and ox tongue. Nowadays when I go to Chinatown to buy roast pork or duck for dinner I would get 1 or 2 pig’s tongues. These pig’s tongues are cooked in soy sauce. So last Friday afternoon I decided to go to Chinatown to grocery shop. I wanted to make a big pot of stew that I can eat for a whole week. I thought of something simple. A stew with pig’s tongue with different kinds of mushroom and vegetable. I also decided on making a pot of curry with pork ribs but that will be another post. So I went to Chinatown and bought 4….yes 4 pig’s tongue, shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, brown beech mushroom, and baby bok choy.
Stewed pig's tongue w/ mushroom and veggie
To make the stew I poured whatever was left in my bottle of chicken marinate and oyster sauce. Then I added water and gave it a stir. I also added some 5 spice powder, pepper and salt. Turned the heat up to high and brought it to a boil. I took a sip of the liquid and was surprised to find how tasty it was. Sorry but I didn’t measure anything. Before the liquid started to boil, I sliced all 4 tongues and the shiitake mushroom. Once the liquid was boiling I threw them in. I cooked it on high for about 5-10 minutes then lowered the heat to medium. While that was cooking I cleaned and prepared the brown beech mushroom, the enoki mushroom and the bok choy. I cooked the tongues and shiitake for about 30mins before putting in the brown beech. Gave it a good stir then cooked it for 15 minutes before putting in the bok choy. Stirred it again. Cook it for another 15 more minutes then turned off the heat. Threw in the enoki mushroom and scallions that I had sliced up earlier. The heat of the stew will cook the enoki mushroom. Done


2 thoughts on “Stewed Pig’s Tongue

  1. he he … i bought 3 pork tongues today, more or less by accident 🙂 not being chinese, i´m not a big fan of pork to be honest but this recipe sounds somewhat yummy. so … i´ll do it! mind you donny if it´s not up to my expectation :-DDD


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