Eggs Benedict w/ bacon and waffles
Bubby’s is a mystery to me. It sits on a corner in DUMBO right by the Brooklyn Bridge Park. Has GREAT GREAT views, giant windows on all sides for maximum natural light and scenery viewing, one of the biggest restaurants ever!, affordable, and best of all fantastic food. My general impression of big restaurants (big meaning the amount of square footage it has) is usually a soulless and non personal entity that only serves crappy food at high prices. But Bubby’s is something different. I walk in and feel refreshed from the high ceiling and the abundant natural light. The hostess and waiters are always friendly. The food is so very good and the amount of food that they give you for the price they’re charging, am I dreaming? I always barely finish my plate of food because there’s just so much! Plus they give you biscuits and jam to start off! Hell yeah!

On a random Saturday Scott, Steph and I walked from Boerum Hill to Dumbo. We went to check out the indoor version of the Brooklyn Flea (not as great as the outdoor one and not very flea market like), bunch of art galleries, and Bubby’s for brunch. We walked into Bubby’s and was quickly greeted by the host. We were lucky, we got the last table for 4 by the windows sweet! Looking through the brunch specials 2 items caught my eyes. The pork belly hash and eggs benedict with bacon and waffles. I was having a tough time deciding because pork belly hell yes but poached eggs hell yeah also. In the end my friend Scott got the pork belly hash so I got the poached eggs with waffles. I can have my poached eggs and get a bite of the pork belly. Its a win win. As always we started off with their wonderful biscuits with jam and butter. We talked over our cups of coffee and the warm flaky biscuits. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Pork Belly Hash
So food. Scott said his pork belly hash was goooooooooood. I took a bite and yes I agreed. Crispy bacon and potatoes! What’s not to like?! His dish came 2 eggs any style and toast. Just by looking at the picture of my dish you think they were light-handed on the hollandaise sauce, I thought so too. Oh but was I wrong. All those little square pattern, well think of each of those as tiny lakes. Tiny lakes filled with hollandaise sauce that is. That means each bite I got more hollandaise sauce than I would’ve with old boring English muffins. Yeah I said old boring. The eggs were perfectly poached and the bacon perfectly crispy. Instead of the usual home fries I got a cup of grits. It was so good because they added extra bits of corn to give the grits a fabulousy corny flavor. Yeah corny, in a tasty way.
Oh how I love Bubby’s. They’re famous for their pies but I always get too full to try them. Someday someday. Then again it’s hard not to be full when the whole plate of food is just so good.

– Bubby’s 1 Maint St. Brooklyn, NYC


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