The Aerogarden Chronicles, Vol. 9

So I didn’t really leave the Aerogarden alone this week the way i said I was going to. It’s just too darned convenient to grab a few herbs. You can see the results above, and it ain’t pretty. It actually seems to be growing backwards. I did finally use some of the mint, at least. Now I’m really going to give it a week off to let it recover.


One thought on “The Aerogarden Chronicles, Vol. 9

  1. Hi,
    I am really glad you are posting your results. I am still on the fence about getting one and have blogged as much. And, so far your results are exactly what my folks in the comments section were wondering – whether you could “wipe it out with a cooking frenzy weekend.”

    I’m hoping your Aerogarden rebounds.
    Or, that lots of folks who have thriving bountiful Aerogardens comment on your site soon.
    (Man, I want one.)


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