Siam Orchid in Sheepshead Bay

a-fish, a-fish, a-fish, a-fishy-oh

To celebrate the birthdays of two of my cousins, I met some of my family at Siam Orchid, a Thai restaurant I’ve never been to. I told my roommate (another cousin, don’t ask) I was going to a Thai restaurant in Sheepshead Bay, and he said he’d been there before. “There’s only one Thai restaurant in Sheepshead Bay,” he said. “The one with a big fish tank in the middle of the room.”

My cousin’s daughter did, in fact, love the fish tank and the big beautiful fish in it. Unfortunately, the fish tank was the best part of the meal for me as Siam Orchid featured nothing but mediocre food.

I only ordered an entree, something called Thai Tofu. One of my cousin’s friends ordered steamed vegetarian dumplings, so I tasted one — and instantly regretted it. Sour tasting and mushy, it was perfectly terrible.

My Thai Tofu came out bubbling and steaming in a large ceramic pot. It was impressive looking, all right, and of course I had to wait while it cooled for a few minutes before I could eat it. Despite the dramatic presentation, it was quite bland. The long ribbons of zucchini were and interesting touch, but that was the only notable thing about it. The sauce was soupy and not at all spicy.

I don’t think anyone was particularly impressed with their meals. Rice Thai may not be the most authentic place, but at least the food is great. I wouldn’t recommend Siam Orchid unless you happen to be in Sheepshead Bay, you really want Thai food, and you like looking at pretty fish.

Siam Orchid — 2259 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn


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