Mooncake Foods and the Treats Truck


On a recent weekday my friend Phaedra and I we went into Manhattan to meet up with Donny and Phae’s fiance Matt for lunch. We ended up eating at the West Midtown/East Chelsea branch of Mooncake Foods. The menu is Asian-inspired, but this is no Chinese take-out joint. As I believe I may have mentioned, I have been sort of obsessed with sandwiches lately, so I chose the Garlic Grilled Veggie sandwich you see above.

Doesn’t it look delightful? Unfortunately the eggplant, zucchini, and asparagus (and, I guess, the garlic) were all obscured by the GOBS and GOBS of barbecue sauce on the sandwich. I told Phaedra that it was more of a barbecue sauce sandwich than a veggie sandwich, and she asked what was wrong with that. The accompanying salad was pretty good, though the sandwich fell apart into the salad and the two kind of became one. There was a cup of a nice chutney served to the table, and even though we weren’t sure who it belonged to I happily spread it on what remained of the too-soft bun for a little more flavor variation.

After lunch we went for coffee, but I was still a little hungry. I began to think about heading over to the Treats Truck; I knew I should be within walking distance of one of the trucks, and Matt confirmed it with his iPhone. And so after the appropriate hang-out period at Matt & Donny’s office, I headed out.

“treats are good!”

The day had started to get very chilly, and I didn’t have a jacket. On the walk over I started thinking about the much-discussed Mexican hot chocolate that the Treats Truck serves. It would hit the spot, I just knew it. Finally I saw the silver truck on 5th Avenue, and after pausing for the photo above, I ordered the hot chocolate — but they didn’t have any! In fact, they were out of about a quarter of the menu.


They did have the Mexican chocolate brownie, which is what I got. It was a rich, tasty brownie, but there was almost no cinnamon flavor. There were little crusty nodules on the surface of the brownie that I think were supposed to be the cinnamon, but they didn’t taste like anything but sugar.

Two disappointments in one day! I think next time I’ll try the Dessert Truck instead.

Mooncake Foods — 263 W 30th St.
Treats Truck — Locations Vary


4 thoughts on “Mooncake Foods and the Treats Truck

  1. 1) i love the dessert truck
    2) treats truck, most of the time is at the grand army plaza on saturdays
    3) mooncake’s fish sandwich is awesome
    4) you need to visit matt and i more often

    just sayin’


    1. 1) let’s hit it up, yo
      2) i think i’ll skip it unless i’m really hungry
      3) what good does a fish sandwich do me?
      4) what are you doing for lunch tomorrow?


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