Spicy Turkey Meatball Pasta

Turkey meatball with spicy sauce over penne
There’s an entire story of how Steph and I tried to go to Ikea via their free shuttle service, missed the first bus then the second bus was too small to fit everybody and then our failed attempt to catch the B61. Anyways, while sitting down for dinner at home around 10:30pm with Steph, Scott and Mo, I realized things DO happen for a reason. Steph and I decided to just walk down Court St. and back up on Smith St. instead of trying to go to Ikea. AND because of that we went to Lowe’s with Mo in his car THEN saved Scott because his bike rack broke while moving. SO we all ended up in Mo’s car to Ikea and Fairway. Ah….very magical. Mo and I invited Steph and Scott over for dinner and Mo decided to make turkey meatballs with penne pasta. YUM. He said its a Lidia Bastianich recipe. The meatballs came out really good. They were light and flavorful, not tough at all. The tomato sauce he made was quite good also but it was toooo spicy for me. I’m okay with heat but when I can’t taste the flavor, boo. It’s nice to have friends that love to cook! WIN!


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