VV Choice Eats

A lot has already been written about this year’s Village Voice Choice Eats event, which I attended last week with my friends Jess & Garrett. I won’t give a detailed summation, but here are some photos and quick notes about my faves. My main impressions: too many people, not enough trash cans.

My first bite of food was from Tiffin Wallah — both vegetarian and kosher. I remember thinking that this was pretty good for mass produced food, though it would be surpassed later in the night…

By Mumbai Xpress. This was my favorite food of the night — a potato fritter on a roll, plus a spicy salad with puffed rice. Really delicious, and by far the best thing I ate that night…

Maybe not by far, since this banana pudding from No. 7 was also amazing. The pudding was rich and custardy, and we managed to eat two servings of this. Pastries were actually pretty good all night…

Like this amazingly sweet and rich “Ukranian Napoleon” from Cafe Glechik. It was layer upon layer of creamy goodness…

Kind of like the pastries under a sign that read “Extremely Hungary.” I got a cup of some kind of apple and raisin and pastry cream concoction. Back to the savory…

I got to sample the portobello mousse from Dirt Candy, as the chefs were feverishly plating. You can read their blog about their experience here.

The two Brooklyn pizza places didn’t bring pizza at all (a smart move it turns out, based on the pizza I did eat that night). Roberta’s brought homemade bread and butter, which was really good…

While Motorino brought bomboloni. I had a rhubarb filled one, which was a little too sweet but still pretty good.

Although the food at Madiba was gone by the time I got to their table, they were still serving a fruity and potent South African rum punch. This went straight to my head, so it’s a good thing it was one of the last things I consumed.

If you’re wondering, I did manage to get one (yes ONE) of the cookies from the Momofuku Milk Bar table. I go a compost cookie, which was really delicious.

Thanks to Jess & Garrett for braving the crowds and joining me. It was madness, and I’m not sure if I’d ever want to do it again, but I’m glad I went.


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