Passover Cooking: Dandelion Dumplings

This isn’t how I had intended this dish to turn out, but it still ended up being pretty good. I was trying to figure out how to use matzah meal to make a pasta (other than gnocchi), plus I had a huge bunch of dandelion greens from the Union Square Greenmarket, so this is what I did.

First I removed the leaves from the dandelion stems (you could use any greens — spinach, kale, or even omit them) and blanched them in salted water for a few minutes, then drained and shocked them in cold water. I squeezed out all of the water (which was a real pain) and then chopped it as finely as I could. I mixed the chopped greens in a bowl with matzah meal, olive oil, salt, and a few eggs, then mixed it together thoroughly. Unlike matzah balls, I didn’t want the pasta to be light and fluffy, so I didn’t worry about over-mixing. Then I let the mix sit for a bit.

For the sauce I sauteed some red onion in olive oil and butter, then added the dandelion stems, chopped into batons, along with some salt and pepper. While these cooked I went back to the “pasta” dough.

I tried rolling them into thin dowels, but the mix wouldn’t hold together enough to do it. I ended up making these cigar-like things, and let them dry out for a few minutes on the board. Then I added them to the same water I had blanched the greens in.

Back in the pan with the stems, I added some lemon juice and a little more butter, then added the cooked dumplings. I topped it all with some shaved parmesan cheese. As I said, the dumplings are a little more dense than matzah balls, but very flavorful.


One thought on “Passover Cooking: Dandelion Dumplings

  1. That’s a cool twist of using dandelion. I like the Greek horta – which is just steamed dandelion and then drizzle with some EVVO. I like the bitterness of dandelion.


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