Free Stuff: Recchiuti Chocolates

As a FoodBuzz Featured Publisher, we are sometimes offered free products to try and to blog about. You may recall that I was not at all impressed with the first batch of free stuff we got, the Quaker True Delights granola bars. So I wasn’t sure what to expect of the chocolates we received from Recchiuti, a San Francisco based chocolatier. To my surprise the chocolates were truly amazing.

I received a box containing what they call the “Asphalt Jungle” mix, and the description that Recchiuiti came up with is better than anything I could, so I’ll show you:

“A riot of burnt caramel hazelnuts & almonds, cherries two ways and peanut butter pearls.”

What this means is that there are basically three varieties in this mix. The peanut butter pearls are nice little salty-sweet bites. The cherries are moist and tart inside the chocolate. Most delicious of all are the burnt caramel nuts. The burnt caramel lends a deep, almost mysterious flavor to the candy.

There are two reasons why I loved these chocolates. First, the chocolate itself is good but it doesn’t interfere with the flavors of the “fillings,” which, if you’ve eaten a lot of so-called fancy candy (as I have), is actually a remarkable achievement. Second, the chocolates worked remarkable well together, which is important for any candy mix.

Just writing about this is making me really want to go buy some of these chocolates (I didn’t have dinner, so I’m hungry anyway, but still). They’re a bit pricy, but Recchiuti chocolates are worth the money.


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