While dining at [‘brook•vin], the new Park Slope wine bar, Donny asked me if I preferred beer or wine. After thinking seriously about it I told him I preferred wine, much to his surprise. I think I like both of them for different reasons — beer I prefer when drinking on its own, but wine I prefer with food. I think that’s what gives wine the slight edge in my mind. It’s also why I’m slightly fascinated with wine bars.

I ordered one of the daily cheese plates ($7), Abbaye deBelloc (a sheep’s milk cheese) which came with quince jelly and toast (pictured above). I also got Salvatore Brooklyn ricotta, roasted beets, with horseradish and saba (served on toast, $7).

First, the food. The cheese was nice and sharp, which should have been a good match for a fruit jelly. The quince jelly, however, was a little too tart for it to be a perfect match. The beets were underseasoned, though nicely cooked. The strangest thing about that dish was that I’m so used to eating beets with goat cheese that I kept being surprised by how bland the ricotta was by comparison.

Because I ordered relatively light food, I stayed with white wines. I first ordered a glass of El Coto Rioja Blanco ($8), which was good but unremarkable. Next I got a glass of Semeli “Mountain Sun” ($8), a Greek wine with a pronounced mineral taste. More interesting than the Rioja, but not my favorite.

After spending so much money I expected to be full. The wine did leave me slightly tipsy, but I was still quite hungry. I still think the idea of stopping in to a place for a quick glass of wine and a bite to eat is great, but I’d like to see more value for my money. I think I enjoyed the idea of [‘brook•vin] more than I enjoyed the actual experience.

[‘brook•vin] — 381 7th Ave, Brooklyn


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