Dim Sum From Street Cart

InnardsLotus Wrapped Rice
If I wasn’t THAT lazy to get off the F train on East Broadway then back onto the F train to go to work, I would totally get breakfast from this food street cart lady. Chinese street food vendors are pretty much everywhere, mostly right by subway entrances/exits. When I used to live on the Q line I would get out of the Canal stop to go to my to-go Chinese food street cart. My usual items were chicken congee with peanuts and rice rolls with fish balls. I love that combo. Definitely more healthy than a sausage, egg and cheese on a roll. But I had a problem and that were the peanuts in the congee. I’m not a big fan of peanuts (I do love peanut butter and peanut sauce) and most of the pieces of chicken in the congee were actually peanuts. Now that I’m in a different part of Brooklyn and the F train (I hate the F trains) is the closes train, I get off at E.Broadway to go to Chinatown. One morning I went to Chinatown to get some buns for breakfast. When I walked out of the bakery I noticed a street cart vendor across the street. I walked over and took a quick peak of the menu. Instead of chicken and peanuts congee she served pork with preserved egg congee. Now I’m not a lover of preserved eggs either but they don’t really have a taste to them. So…I’ve been going to this street cart since last November and everytime I would get congee and rice rolls with fish balls. Then last week, after a long hiatus for me, I went back to her and was prepared to get the same thing UNTIL I saw something different on the menu. First off, the menu was no longer hand-written but typed out. Second, she had lotus sticky rice!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO. They’re basically sticky rice stuffed with chicken and mushroom wrapped in lotus leaves, mainly served in dim sum. I split it down the middle to see the fillings. It was kind of lacking in stuffing but it was still good and I most definitely welcome this new addition to the cart. Now if only she start selling ha gow and sui mai.

Rugters and E. Broadway


4 thoughts on “Dim Sum From Street Cart

  1. That does look pretty tasty. I used to be an Sausage, Egg and Cheese girl for breakfast… that all stopped when I didn’t fit into my jeans anymore… Life with a slow metabolism is no fun at all!


  2. Since you get off the E.Broadway train station, there’s a stall that sells freshly made rice roll and you can choose the filling of your choice. That hole in the wall shop always sells steamed buns and the likes.


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