Little D Eatery

Pork butt hash w/ scrambled eggs
Okay, well I wanted to start off with an introduction or something but I couldn’t think of anything. It’s been over an hour and the page is still blank so I’ll just go straight into the food. I didn’t do any research on this place at all so I wasn’t really expecting anything. Just heard a few things from there or there. My friends and I took the seats at the bar because we didn’t want to wait. The waitress told us the brunch specials and we looked at the menu. Both my friend and Howard got the brunch special, frittata with crispy potatoes and Turkish cheese. The only comment I heard about the frittata was that the crispy potatoes weren’t so crispy. You’ll have to wait till Howard put up his post to find out what he REALLY thinks of it. I ordered the Pork Butt Hash & Scrambled Eggs served with biscuits off the regular brunch menu. I guess I got spoiled by Bubby’s when I saw pork butt hash. Bubby’s pork belly hash was more the home fries style kind while Little D Eatery’s pork butt hash was more the hashbrown type. I was definitely a little disappointed at that. I couldn’t see nor taste any pork! BUT, the pork butt hash was nicely cooked and crispy AND the biscuits were awesome and so were the scrambled eggs, juussst barely still runny and I think there were too many ands in this sentence.
Little D Eatery is a good little spot for brunch with great services and a garden but the decor doesn’t really establish any sort of personality. It kind of reminded me of Stone Park Cafe or Chestnut or Apt 138 or you know. Anyways, I definitely want to go back to try their dinner menu.

– Little D Eatery 434 7th Ave, Brooklyn


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