First Try: Pad Thai

Pad Thai
I love chicken Pad Thai and with the abundance of Thai restaurants in my neighborhood its not hard to find Pad Thai. What actually made me decide to make my own Pad Thai was Bobby Flay. One random Sunday night I was watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay where the challenge was Pad Thai. I’m not a fan of Bobby Flay at all but decided to watch since I wanted to see how Pad Thai is made. The throwdown was with Nongkran Daks, chef and owner of Thai Basil in Virginia near D.C. I’m sure you can youtube that episode but after watching what goes into a Pad Thai and how easy it was….I wanted to make my own.
So after googling, I decided to use these 2 recipes, chez pim and recipes from our Thai kitchen. At first I thought there’s no way this little amount of sauce will be able to flavor all that Pad Thai but I was wrong. The Pad Thai I made was quite good and flavorful. Totally impressed myself. It didn’t taste quite like the Pad Thai I get from restaurants but it was good enough for me at home.


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