Dizzy’s A Finer Diner

Steak & Eggs for ME
It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Dizzy. Last time I went they served strawberry butter along with their tiny biscuits. So I was glad that they kept the strawberry butter since I told Howard and Chris as we were sitting down.

We met at noon and was glad the wait was only 10mins-ish. I was not glad that it was super stuffy inside though. Gimme air damit! They had their brunch specials on a chalkboard outside on the sidewalk so I already decided what I wanted, steak and eggs….steak and eggs. Our waiter came and I confused him a bit. I said, steak and eggs, over easy please. Then he asked me how I wanted my eggs but instead I heard him asked how I wanted my steaks. So I said medium rare please. PAUSE…… Okay lets start over. Medium rare for my steak and over easy for my eggs. Thanks.
Chris ate huevos rancherosHowie ate buckwheat waffle with mangoes
We didn’t have to wait long for our food so that was a plus. As you may have or may not have read Howard’s post about To Brunch or not to brunch (Psssssss I LOVE brunch), he got a waffle with mangoes and our friend got huevos rancheros. I felt Howard’s plate was missing some whipped cream, that would’ve made it better. As for the huevos rancheros, he said it was good but he just made a big mess and didn’t finish it. As for my steak and eggs. WOOOOOOOOOOOO. It was soooooo good. It was between medium rare and medium, not exactly medium rare. By the way, do you like A1 sauce on your steak? I don’t, I prefer my steaks with no sauce, hm….maybe a little ketchup and egg yolk. I have a habit of cutting away all the egg whites and devour the egg yolk in 1 bite. Apparently Howard and Chris were amazed by it. I just love how the egg explodes in my mouth and then chump on a big piece of toast. Hm…so good. This entire plate of food was SO GOOD, I cleaned it. I even ate the mint.

– Dizzy’ A Finer Diner, 511 9th St, Brooklyn


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