Italian Heat

Can you guess what those colorful flecks throughout this cup of ices are?

They may look like candy, but they’re far from it. That’s right, those are flecks of red pepper, plus chunks of jalapeno and habanero. I was walking by Lias’ Ices here in Windsor Terrace and saw this weekly special. How could I not get it? It was truly one of the strangest things I’ve ever eaten — the super spicy peppers were not really a good match for the sweet ice, but I still managed to eat the whole thing ($2 for a small). I don’t think I’d ever eat it again, but I sure am glad I ate it the one time.

Lia’s Ices — 471 16th St Brooklyn


5 thoughts on “Italian Heat

  1. I liked guessing-I guessed pistachios and cherries-duh! I should have known from the heat hint. I could never eat that, but it must be an experience for someone who can handle it.


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