Beertopia at Eagle Provisions

A few months ago I was walking back from the FedEx pickup center down on Fourth Ave and I passed by a beautiful mural on the side of a building. Walking around the corner from the mural I came across a sign that read “Epicurean Delights From Around the World.” Of course I was intrigued. I approached and found that the place, called Eagle Provisions, also sells homemade sausage and other prepared foods. I was about to keep walking (I don’t eat sausage, so I had no reason to go in) when I remembered something I’d read only days before on Serious Eats about a place in South Slope that had an enormous beer selection. I was pretty sure that the place was Eagle Provisions. So suddenly I had a reason to go in.

They’re not kidding about the beer selection. I would guess there are almost a thousand different beers available to purchase, arranged roughly by country and then by type of beer — I was especially happy to see the Vietnamese beer “33” in the Asian beer section (though of course it’s the “export” version).

There’s more than just beer, though I don’t know why you would need anything more. In addition to traditional “kielbasy” and other sausages, they have locally-made pierogies, potato pancakes, and salads. Both the cucumber salad and “health salad” (similar to sauerkraut, but not fermented, and in this case flecked with apple) relied too much on dill and not enough on salt, but the potato pancakes were fantastic. And so let me paraphrase something someone else said: Go for the beer, stay for the food.

Eagle Provisions — 628 5th Avenue, Brooklyn


One thought on “Beertopia at Eagle Provisions

  1. this is right under my first apt in brooklyn and it is GREAT grocery store. i bought so many potato pancakes when i lived there—it’s probably a good thing i moved.


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