First Try: Focaccia Bread

Focaccia bread done
I guess my friends and I are a few years late to the whole no-knead bread phenomenon. Don’t quite remember how this obsession started but before I knew it, I was eating homemade bread almost every night. Regular bread, bread stuffed with sausage and tomatoes, jalapeno and cheddar bread, and no-knead bread recipe turned into pizza dough. So after all that, I got itchin’ to make some of my own. But before I did, BOOM! Serious Eats posted a link to an easy focaccia bread recipe from The Paupered Chef. Focaccia bread is one of my favorite bread to eat and if I can make my own, I will make my own damit!

Results. Well it was definitely not difficult to make at all. My first try was good enough for me. Though mine was denser than the stuff you get from real bakeries and I totally forgot to brush a coat of olive oil on top and didn’t quite get the correct brown color on top.


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