L.A. Eats – In-N-Out

In-N-Out.  Double double with animal styled fries
I’m not a burger expert nor do I care to compare burgers from In-N-Out with Shake Shack. But if you google In-N-Out vs Shake Shack, it’s definitely a hot topic in the burger-verse.

I can’t seem the grasp the idea of comparing the 2. They’re 2 different types of monsters. In-N-Out, when you really get down to its core meaning, is a fast food chain restaurant. While Shake Shack is sort of on the hi-end burger scale with few places in the city. It’s always funny to hear people from the East Coast raving about In-N-Out and how they just HAVE TO have one every time they’re in SoCal. My coworker even owns an In-N-Out towel and duffel bag. LA is home for me so I grew up with In-N-Out. My university had an In-N-Out right across the street and my parents house, right now, is only 2 blocks from an In-N-Out. I just feel blessed to be able to have burgers from Shake Shack and In-N-Out.
What I LOVE about In-N-Out is that its a very SoCal thing (their cups are lined with a palm tree silhouette), though they recently opened 1 in SF. There’s so much hate for LA but hey we have In-N-Out!! Yes it is a fast food chain but in all of their restaurants the kitchen area is wide open. You can see everything that they’re doing behind the counter. The person putting a potato into the potato slicer. The cooks cooking all the burgers. The line of deep fryers frying the fries. I always try and guess which burger is mine. Another thing that I love about In-N-Out is the simplicity of their menu. Yes yes I know about their crazy insane secret menu and I think its fun when you do order it but it’s just so easy to say gimme a double with a Neapolitan shake please. I haven’t tried asking the fries to be extra crispy but next time. Hello July 1st! Oh also I can make my own pink lemonade and coke combo.
My most recent LA trip, my sister and I drove to In-N-Out right after my flight landed. I ordered a double, animal styled fries (fries topped with cheese, saute onions and their secret sauce) and a chocolate vanilla shake. My total came out to be around $8.50, my burger was only $2.99. It was kind of chilly that night for LA weather but we sat outside. Everything was of course awesome. The crazy coworker that loves In-N-Out way more than I do does his double animal style as well but I think it just gets in the way of tasting the beef and tomatoes and lettuce.
Enjoying my burger and fries, chilling with my sister, a long line of cars at the drive-thru and the freeway right next to us. I love LA.


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