My friend Jess and I meet for lunch every few months, and lately she thinks there’s been a curse on the whole thing. We have had some bad food and some mediocre food, but the point is getting together and trying new places. With that in mind she had long ago suggested Westville, mostly because of their “market” menu. I also heard good things about Westville from my friends Jeff & Eva, so I thought it had some pretty good potential. Jess, on the other hand, thought this meant that the meal might be doubly cursed.

Westville has the DIY ambience you’d expect in the West Village. You seat yourself (complete parties only), and the market menu and specials are hand-lettered on a xeroxed piece of loose leaf paper. As I mentioned above, the market menu is the reason I was looking forward to Westville. Here’s how it works.

You choose different vegetables from the market menu, each prepared in a specific way. You can get one for $5 as a side dish or four for $13 as an entree. I chose: broccoli rabe with feta and cherry tomatoes, grilled lemon artichokes, artichoke hearts with parmesan, and roasted beets (you get a choice of walnuts OR goat cheese, not both. I went for the goat cheese).

The asparagus was grilled nicely and topped with parmesan, though the lemon part of it was confined to the wedge along side it (another DIY touch). The broccoli rabe was good, nicely cooked, though a strange match with the feta. The beets were quite good, especially with the goat cheese. I wouldn’t have missed the walnuts except they were right there on the menu as an either/or. The only real “disappointment” were the artichoke hearts, which were quite clearly canned or jarred artichokes and not fresh. They were still good (artichokes can only be so bad, after all) but definitely not fresh from whatever “market” the menu refers to.

So how did Westville stack up to other restaurants we’ve been to? Although I don’t necessarily agree with Jess’s premise that our lunches are cursed, this was one of the better places we’ve been to.

Westville — 210 W 10th St


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