L.A. Eats – The Boat

Angel wings
Oh…….The Boat. This restaurant definitely holds shit load of history for me. Been going here since senior year of high school and all through out my college years. This is probably THE place where I base all my Thai restaurants from. So what’s so special about this place?

Actually there’s nothing special about this place. Or I didn’t think it was special until I moved to NYC and found out that most of my favorite dishes from The Boat either aren’t as good or aren’t even on the menus here. One of my favorite dishes that I eat at The Boat is their Hainam chicken rice. Actually I get this dish 95% of the time, thats how much I love it. So when I moved to NYC, the first few weeks I went to Chinatown quite often in search for my beloved Hainam chicken rice. To my surprise, I only found the dish in either Singaporean or Malaysian restaurants and none from Thai places. I guess it makes more sense since the Hainam chicken rice is WAY MORE POPULAR in Singapore(its their national dish) and Malaysia. I didn’t really care where I got my chicken rice dish, I just wanted eat it. The very first place I went was Singapore Cafe. I sat down and ordered the chicken rice. When it came I was disappointed. I got a small plate of chicken and a bowl of rice. I wanted to cry and after I finished it, I left still hungry. Here is what you would get from The Boat.
Hainan Chicken
A GIANT plate of rice and boneless (Yes BONELESS! Main reason why I love the chicken rice from here) dark meat. I also prefer the Thai version because instead of dipping the chicken in soy sauce and ginger/scallion oil, they give you a plate of spicy sauce made with yellow soybean paste, thick soy sauce, chilli, ginger, garlic and vinegar. It’s so goooood.
Angel wings innard
Another dish that I love from The Boat that for some reason totally does not exist in NYC is angel wings. Angel wings are deep fried drumsticks, hollowed out and stuffed with ground chicken or pork, clear noodles, shiitake mushroom and some other stuff. It’s served with a spicy sour sauce. Reasons why I love it, well I’m pretty sure you know why. Deep fried, boneless and chicken. I love chicken.
Continental fried rice
And the final dish that I love and crave from The Boat and can’t be found in NYC is the Continental Fried Rice! Yeah I pretty much stick to these 3 dishes and don’t really explore other items but I don’t care. I have no idea why its called the Continental Fried Rice I just know I like it. Tomato fried rice with a fried egg, fried chicken, fried sausage and served with 2 slices of cucumber. Man that plate had aboout 3-4 cups of rice. I used to be able to finish that whole plate but not anymore. What also changed, most likely from the bad economy, were the chicken and sausage. Back in the day it was a big old fried chicken leg and half a hot dog. Weird yes half a hot dog. But nowadays its 4 thin slices of Chinese sausage and a deep fried chicken thigh chopped into 4 pieces. Heck the 4 pieces of chicken didn’t even add up to 1 thigh. I also thought it was weird to include raisins in the fried rice but oh well.
Couldn't finish
Like most Asian restaurant, The Boat is semi dirty, received a grade B, services aren’t all smiles, cheap and large portions. The food is good not great but is consistent. Its nothing special but it just feels good and familiar.

– The Boat 1390 Fullerton Road Ste 105 Rowland Heights, LA


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