Yankee Stadium Food

I’m not really a huge sports fan, so when other NYC food bloggers were talking about the food at the newly opened Yankee Stadium and Citi Field, I didn’t pay much attention. Then my uncle offered me a free ticket to a Yankees game and I realized I had some studying to do. I ended up enjoying the game a lot more than I expected to, but how was the food?

After wandering around the interior perimeter of the stadium, I stopped at one of the food courts at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ. What could a vegetarian want at a BBQ place?

Hush puppies, of course. Hush puppies are kind of a sentimental favorite food for me; as a kid we used to go to a restaurant called Chesapeake Bay Seafood House where they had some amazing hush puppies as a side for almost every dish. If I see hush puppies on a menu it’s hard for me to resist their siren song. At $8 the hush puppies from Brother Jimmy’s work out to about a dollar per. They were pretty good, though a little dry. Theywere much improved by a dunk in the maple butter served on the side, though I wasn’t given nearly enough of it.

The hush puppies were a nice snack, but I was looking for something a bit more substantial. I remembered from my research that Mike’s Deli was offering their Throwdown-winning eggplant parmigiana sandwich.

you’re looking at $22

So I found Mike’s Deli at another food court, where I found that the sandwich was $12. And of course I needed something to wash it down with. The small beer was “only” $6, so I ordered that. The guy behind the counter showed me the size of the small beer (aka the thimble) and asked if I wouldn’t rather just go for the large at $10, which comes in a commemorative plastic cup. “I don’t even know why they bother selling the small size,” he told me. I went for the large. That’s lunch, sandwich and a beer for $22.

The sandwich was pretty good, though not worth $12. I’m sure the sandwiches at the stadium are not of the same quality as their Arthur Avenue store.

The stadium offers all of the usual stuff: peanuts, Cracker Jacks, pretzels… But if you’re going to spend a fortune, you might as well go high-end.

Yankee Stadium — One East 161st St, Bronx


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