“Food, Inc.” at the Bell House

Earlier tonight we attended the Brooklyn premiere of Food, Inc.”, a new documentary about the American food industry, at The Bell House, followed by a Q&A with director Robert Kenner. The movie is a searing indictment of what’s going on between Big Agriculture and the failure of the government to do anything about it. Sure it’s self-righteous and exploitative at times, but most documentaries with an agenda are. It felt to me, as someone pointed out after the film, that it was really preaching to the converted. Despite the audience tonight, Kenner insisted that the film was not really meant for “the converted.” I am skeptical about how big the audience will be for this film, as important as it is, though Iw as encouraged by the news that there will be a Spanish-language version released as well. The majority of questions after the film boiled down to the same thing: what can we do? Kenner kept directing us to the website Take Part, a site that serves as a portal for any number of movements and organizations you can join. The other thing he stressed was the importance of reforming the National School Lunch Program. I hope you have the opportunity to see “Food, Inc.” when it opens in wide release; food safety and the health of ourselves and our planet are issues that we should all get behind.


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